The Process

KielyLock is a Road Surface Treatment used in conjunction with the traditional Surface Dressing process. The primary function of the treatment is to “Lock in” the chipping in the road surface, which stops the ingress of water, and resultant damage to the treated road surface.

The application of KielyLock is swift, minimising road closure durations. Furthermore, the visual appearance of a KielyLocked site is akin to that of a “BlackTop” site. Also, Road Markings can be applied 1 hour after completion of the KielyLock process.

Case Study – Black Country Route 2019

In conjunction with Walsall and Wolverhampton LAs, and following the success of a trial scheme in 2018, further works were commissioned for 2020.


A programme of patching and crack sealing was undertaken to best prepare the carriageway for the work to be undertaken.

Surface Dressing

The carriageway was surface dressed using a 14/6mm double dressing. The site was then subject to aftercare sweeping for the next 7 days.

KielyLock & White Lining

The following week, the KielyLock process was applied and the white lining reinstated under the same road closure, completing 50,000 Sq metres in a single day.

Below you can clearly see the visual difference of the KielyLock Process before and after it was applied.