Lining and related processes

At Kiely Bros we can provide product selection and guidance specifically to meet the expectations and needs.

With good relationships with our suppliers, we can offer bespoke lines to consumer needs and requirements, along with our own recommendations based on the wealth of experience we have acquired.

For example: for high-risk sites we can offer a range of products such as coloured surfaces, solar studs and high-performance lines.

We are NHSS7 certified as well as ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited.

We use HAPAS approved materials.

Within the process of lining there is prepping for the road in which we offer crack seal and patching. The road surface is then laid if it is required.

Next an extensive charting process is used to mark where the lines, antiskid and potential cats-eyes should be laid. Then on the back of the charting the lines are laid to meet the requirements of the client.

Before photo shows the extent of prepping and marking required to install the lines:

The after photo shows the improvement our lining has made to this road along with how we meet the requirement on the length, depth and width of the lines as well as the reflectivity and skid resistance requirements.

We also provide a service to do playground lines for schools and parks as seen above. The skill of the employee is displayed impressively through this process and results in happy customers and children.