Rail VS Road

In 2020 we explored the idea of transporting our aggregate for our contract in Manchester via rail instead of road. As we dove deeper into it, we realised the potential to drastically reduce our carbon footprint which is one of our major goals as a business.

There are three options of transport that we had the potential to use. The first was hauling the stone via a 24 Tonnes Capacity vehicle on the road. The second was using a 28 Tonnes Capacity via road and the final option was by hauling the aggregate via rail freight. By calculating the vehicle consumption and total vehicle movements we calculated that it was a lot more environmentally friendly to transport the aggregate via rail. On top of the obvious reduction in Carbon output there is also a massive reduction in vehicle movements on the road, resulting in less congestion and strain on an increasingly busy road network.

On the back of these staggering results, we are definitely exploring to do this on as many other contracts as possible. At Kiely Bros we try to explore all options in order to reduce our Carbon Footprint.