RETREAD : the RECYCLING solution

Versatile, economical and environment friendly, our proprietary process RETREAD is ideal where footpaths and carriageways have exceeded their useful life and demand more than just surface treatment.

When considering footpath and carriageway maintenance requirements, Highway Engineers have increasingly to take into account environmental as well as economic factors.

An effective rehabilitation process, RETREAD recycles in situ materials recovered from damaged carriageways, maximising use of existing materials and reducing to a minimum the amount of new materials imported onto site.

RETREAD : The Process

The existing surface is planed off, to a depth of 50-75mm, and scarified. The scarified material is then graded to the required falls and levels, any excess material removed or any additional material required imported.

The material is sprayed with emulsion and harrowed to thoroughly mix the emulsion with the stone. This process is repeated and the material is then rolled and compacted.

A 14mm Surface Dressing is applied to the footpath or carriageway, followed by a 6mm flash coat and any loose aggregate is blown off.

Alternative surface courses can be 35mm DBM or SMA or KIELYpave micro-asphalt. A finish can be chosen that suits both usage and budget!

Work is completed with the application of the client’s chosen surface course and levels are adjusted accordingly. In rural areas, the final surface course can be omitted, leaving a finish of surface dressing.