Slurry surfacing

Slurry Surfacing

Slurry Surfacing is used to repair imperfections and seal footway surfaces to prevent fretting caused by loss or ageing of the binder.  It is semi self levelling and is spread by hand using squeegees. It provides an even and consistent surface free from trip hazards.

Slurry Surfacing is generally laid to a nominal depth of 6mm.  It can be laid to a thinner depth but it will be less robust.

Slurry Surfacing is a cold applied process using a mix of bitumen emulsion, selected aggregates, water and an additive to control the speed of setting.  It is mixed on site by highly skilled operatives who are able to adjust the mixture according to surface and weather conditions.

Where conditions require a more robust material, aggregate sizes can be changed and/or a microasphalt type polymer modified bitumen emulsion used to lay a slurry up to 10mm deep.  This type of design is of particular benefit where there are a lot of vehicular crossings.